Trent Worley

A songwriter born & bred in Adelaide, South Australia, performing songs about local & global issues. Dedicated to equality, seeing old systems breaking down & questioning tradition vs progress.

Trent’s music delves into an array of sounds and influences including folk, blues, psych-rock and even a bit of alt-country! Despite the eclectic influences, most of Trent’s music aims to provide both a message of hope and an insightful commentary on contemporary society. Since 2007, Trent has been performing live gigs in venues throughout South Australia. He has been the founding member of various bands including seven wild years with party rockers Isle Of VIsion. Having booked hundreds of gigs in venues and pubs of Adelaide and supported plenty more, Trent has proudly been involved in many charity shows raising funds & awareness through community based events.

“Trent Worley, over several years, has built a reputation for writing well crafted, meaningful and thought provoking songs, the sort that you seem to be humming days after hearing them at one of the numerous bars and clubs he performs on any given week in and around Adelaide.” Deviate Magazine




Seriosuly, joking

Seriously, joking

Iam Not an Igloo

I am not an Igloo

Warts N All

Warts 'N All